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The Importance of Farming

The Importance of Farming


Katie and Darian have become the stars of the farm world with their gentle technique and thoughtful shearing. They are available for bookings, but will return for a community Shearing Day at our event!

The Importance of Farming

The Importance of Farming

The Importance of Farming


A couple of our Farms brought in rescue sheep from 4H'ers who lost interest in caring for their livestock. Why is the farm life important? Wool is one of the hardest working fibers in the world. If we can have a resource for smaller farms that raise wool and meat sheep then we can expand outward with education and hopefully show our next generations the importance of farming and ranching.

Happy Sheared Sheep

Made the day after the event to show what a big difference a shearing makes!

Sheep Handling Videos

Learn how to respectfully handle your sheep for shearing purposes.

Shearing A Sheep with Hand Shears

Watch the timing too on this video. If done properly it can take about 7 minutes with hand shears. Tip: Shear in the afternoon when the sheep are warm so that the lanolin is soft. Cold lanolin can make shearing harder.