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We are now accepting teachers for our 2021 fiber and arts adventure. Show us your portfolio.

Bandera fiber and arts Headquarters

584 Hwy 16 South, Bandera, TX 78003 US

(949) 400-4225 / jennifer@suzooswoolworks.com

Love to Learn

Jenn Kulick

Marti Swanson

Jenn Kulick


Jenn Kulick is the visionary behind the Bandera Fiber Arts Week. She has been offering up entry level to innovative fiber arts classes to get people having hands-on experiences with all things wool. 

Dawn Ortega

Marti Swanson

Jenn Kulick


Dawn Ortega is a Knit and Crochet designer and teacher. Her passions is in color and piece-work. She 

has been a part of several events and is a guest teacher 

at several shops in Texas.

Marti Swanson

Marti Swanson

Marti Swanson


Marti Swanson has her roots 

in teaching and fine arts. She has 

a passion for hand work and design. Whether she's wet felting or needle felting, there is something just magical when it all takes form 

and little joy bubbles erupt 

into pure bliss.